At the core of creating successful built spaces is our depth of academic training, industry knowledge and years of acquired expertise. Surrounding this core is our client-focused approach to architecture that encompasses listening to your ideas and concerns, creating collaboration, respecting tradition, preserving the local and global environments and using our specialized experience with situations and equipment to offer creative and effective architecture solutions.

Planning/Feasibility Studies

What's the viability of your building or renovation project? Will it fit within budget and meet long-range goals? What are the issues that might require special attention? To address these and other concerns, our planning and feasibility studies provide comprehensive financial projections and an exhaustive overview of your project requirements. Once these initial plans are on the table, we can offer suggestions for modifications or advise you about cost-saving measures.

Interior Design

We understand that carrying out the interior vision for a designed space gives vibrancy and character to its unique characteristics. That's why we combine technical and creative talent to capture the nuances of colors, finishes, textures and lighting while also recommending appropriate selections in windows, doors, furnishings and furniture.

Construction Management

Our firm can oversee the administrative and technological facets of your building project with expert management of quality, costs, production schedule, safety and contract administration — usually resulting in higher quality results at a lower cost. In addition, our construction management services implement project controls and define the roles and responsibilities of contractor groups while serving as mediator on any issues that may arise.


A different set of parameters exists when a historic structure needs architectural enhancement. Using established guidelines for upholding the integrity of historic buildings, we combine our knowledge of building materials, techniques and systems with an understanding of how to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge improvements.

Site Representation

In instances when time or distance make it difficult or impossible for lead architects to oversee projects, our site representation services ensure the project is completed to an exacting degree of satisfaction.

Master Planning

Establishing an architectural master plan creates a logical pattern of identifying and completing the entire spectrum of services needed in realizing a significant, multi-phase building project. Such a plan encompasses not only a feasibility study with financial projections, but also the social and ecological impacts on the site's surrounding areas, as well as zoning and other regulatory considerations.